Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mushed Mums

Mushed Mums

One picture from the Fout garden after a crazy weekend of driving (well actually riding and sleeping while John drove) up to Lancaster and then to Cleveland and then back to Lancaster and then to Athens and then to Lexington (whew!) but I did get to see the end of my friend Erin's wedding and attend her wonderful reception! Then, the next day, I got to go back to Athens for the first time since I graduated...we visited John's really hung-over brother and then went to Donkey for coffee...aww, Athens, I miss you!!

and, on a completely side note, I've been taking my camera with me everywhere....so maybe, just maybe, I'm not burnt-out anymore. We'll see...I'm hoping that one of these days I branch out beyond flower pictures, but I'm not pushing it ;)

We'll see what I can do in Seattle (when I'm there in two days!!)

Thursday, October 20, 2005


so am I still popular if most of my comments are spam?? ;) hehe at least they appreciate my "very interesting blog"

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Slow and steady...

or maybe just slow ;) Branching out has six repeats now...maybe because I keep surfing the internet instead of knitting. I like how it's looking so far but gosh, I have to pay UTTER AND TOTAL ATTENTION to what I'm doing or else I finish a repeat and wonder...

"Why do I only have 24 stitches? Where is my other stitch?? How could I only have 24??"

I think that's happened three times so far...but LUCKILY I read about lifelines and so in the worst cases, I've only had to pull out 10 rows...

I thought that maybe I'd finish it to wear on my Seattle trip, but that'd take some frantic knitting...don't think it's going to happen but we'll see ;)