Monday, October 08, 2007

Avast me hardies, yo ho!

Check the Skull-and-crossbones bandannas...

YARRRR! Pirate kisses!!

ARRR! More pirate kisses!

So we're at Joann fabrics...John's waiting for me to pick some stuff out when he finds the pirate fabric (!!). First, he asks whether I can make him a chef's hat...ummmm, yeah I can probably do that...need a pattern though. So we pick out the perfect skull-and-crossbones fabric and head for the pattern books. No luck finding a chef hat pattern...

...but then, he asks if I could make it into a bandanna. Let's see...square? involves sewing only straight lines? I can DEFINITELY make a bandanna...Make one for Callie? Yep, I can do that, too.