Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Cranberry scones for breakfast (made by me).

Working on some little socks for my new niece, Dixie (I'm an aunt!!)

We also had a lovely dinner at my parents' house. John made all the food, and my dad picked up the tab (yay for free, delicious meals!!) So it was homemade bread with boursin cheese, chicken coconut cream soup, salad, teriyaki salmon with pineapple salsa, chocolate covered strawberries, and red cake with cream cheese frosting...mmmmm.

Earlier this weekend...

Callie had a crazed look in her eyes , so on Saturday I put on my snowshoes and tromped around the backyard with her. She loooves the snow. If you throw snowballs at her, she'll catch them in her mouth and eat them. I even saw her carrying part of an icicle around like a stick.

All the snow in our backyard. She can walk over that really tall spot by the fence, but (thankfully) she's only ever done it when John was on the other side.