Monday, August 29, 2011

And the garden

I picked the first two roma tomatoes yesterday (a little impatiently - I was making roasted tomatoes and didn't have enough grape tomatoes). I think we're about a week from having green peppers and that the one big Brandywine will be ripe this week, too.

And, in other good news, we're one step closer to having a fence in the backyard (which we NEED - the dogs have been driving me nuts!)

More camping

Our home for the weekend (comfortable, spacious, and no set-up or take-down required!)

Breakfast of champions

Saturday, August 27, 2011

More from Buffalo Ridge

Visiting John and camping for the weekend (in a teepee!)

I have snacks, a stack of magazines and books, my camera, laptop and a wireless connection - maybe I'll just stay up here forever ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Harvest time (kind of)

So far, we have cherry tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, green beans, peas, and beets ready to go. Just waiting for our peppers to get big enough and for the rest of the tomatoes to turn red (and get bigger).

Also, last week, I succeeded in making over-easy eggs for the first.time.ever! I really wanted eggs, but John's the expert egg maker (and he was at work). More proof that I can do ANYTHING as long as I have google

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Garden Update

The good: This week, I've eaten some of the cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas. The spindly green beans are looking MUCH better (could probably start picking some). The sickly Roma tomato is hanging in there. Also, planting the garden so late meant that it wasn't producing like crazy during Achievement Days (thank goodness).

The bad: We lost the squash to borers (pulled them this morning). The radishes have all gone to seed, have crazy tall stalks and are taking over their row - I don't think any of that is supposed to happen.

Achievement Days

Another successful Achievement Days on the books. I'm thankful that we had good weather, that everything went well, and that I have a day off today ;)


The ugliest ugly cake of all (the winner of our Ugly Cake Contest)