Sunday, July 24, 2005

One tired puppy...

Been such a slacker when it comes to posting, but I've been crazy crazy a new job, and a new apartment (still furniture-less) and all of that...and gosh, am I tired.

(but I am in my new-and very nice-apartment, all of my utilities are hooked up (including my cable...except my too-heavy tv is waiting in my car until I can find someone stronger than I am to carry it upstairs), and tomorrow morning I have a 3 minute commute instead of an hour...thank goodness)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Just Challenges and Opportunities

I kind of wish I could fast forward time a little bit so that...POOF! I'd already have an apartment! and POOF! I'd already have all my utilities hooked up! and POOF! My first week of work would already be over so I'd already be on my way to settling in!

But the good part about this craziness is (drumroll please)...I HAVE A JOB!! and a darn good one too!! So that's the good news.

The bad news is that I'm feeling overwhelmed and unsettled...Why exactly does US Bank need 3 forms of ID to set up a checking account? If I get a Cingular phone, will I ever have good enough reception to call anyone??

But in a case like this, I know just what I need to do...

I need to maintain a

with plenty of

Because if I don't, they will...

(and you know that I did the hand motions ;) love you baby)

Monday, July 04, 2005


Well..there's so much to write about that I don't even really know where to start...I've been here for over a week now, just got back from watching the fireworks in downtown Lexington, and before that, I took a nap...actually before that, I got back from a weekend in Ohio =D and I am still way tired but I need to pick out a nice outfit for tomorrow, set an alarm...oh and go switch my laundry (oops) ok that's taken care of now...

I'm tired enough that everything I write is coming out I'll just say, things are pretty darn good and leave it at that