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Garden's in!

It's such a relief to have the garden in!

This year, with some help from my dad, I tilled a compost/manure combo (8 bags of it) into the garden before planting. I also added Osmacote to help feed my veggies and flowers. I'm hoping both of those will help with the poor growing results I've gotten in the last few years.

My sister shared a bunch of seeds (and started tomatoes) that she'd gotten from the Rare Seeds catalog, so I'm excited to see how things turn out. I hear some of the tomatoes are yellow with blue stripes (!!).

I also got two different kinds of sunflowers this year - one that's bigger than the Mammoth ones I usually get (already forgotten the name) alternating with Lemon Queen sunflowers (shorter but should be a really pretty yellow).

As of yesterday, I also have straw and newspaper down around all the tomatoes, peppers, and between the radishes and herbs. I'm going to give the rows time to come up (and give myself time to get more straw) before I do the rest. If it works as well as it did last year (completely lifechanging), I'm looking forward to doing almost no weeding this summer. 

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