Sunday, June 28, 2015

I did it!

After putting it in my new year's resolutions for years, I finally did it - ran my first 5k!

At the finish!
I did it in 28:52 (timing with my watch) including two inflatable obstacles (with things I had to climb over, scrambling kids, and slides) and that comes out to 9:17 per mile.

I was really excited to finish at that pace. I started with a walk-jog program, and I've been running based on time only (running 30-32 mins). I had NO idea how far I was going (no smart phone, not running on a track, etc.) so I wasn't sure whether 32 mins would get me to 5k or not (I was thinking/hoping I ran between 10-11 minute miles). I also resisted the urge to look at my watch (so discouraging when you realize you've only been running for 3 minutes) so it wasn't until after I finished that I saw I'd made it in less than 29 minutes. So, while I'll remember this as my first 5k, it seems likely that I've been running 5k+ for a while :D

Mom and me after the run

My parents and Kailee came to support me during the run (and saved a table in the Pub House).