Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another flower picture...

I'm not sure what these flowers are...but I really like them. I had to move all the flower pots up to the front so they aren't getting baked by the sun. I just hope my neighbors will (please please please) remember to water them while I'm gone.

And Christina asked me a question in her last comment, which actually isn't too awkward to answer in a post (especially since my blog is mostly visited by a few friends and family members). My photographs are for sale. However, I'm still in the process of figuring out prices, frames, etc. If you go back to the post I made before the Mushroom Festival (April 2006), and would like your pictures to look exactly like those...the cost for a 4x6 (framed size = 8x10 I think, I don't have one left to measure) would be $35, and for a 5x7 (framed size=almost14xalmost17) would be $60, plus shipping. Different sizes/frames are possible but will probably take a fair bit of emailing back and forth. If there's something you're interested in, leave a comment or email me.

If you just want a print, I'm not sure how much that will be. I'll get back to you ;)

I'm even willing to sell photographs to people I don't know who randomly find themselves on my site, but, since-unlike my friends-I don't have junior high pictures I can blackmail you with, at this point, you'd have to pay by check and then I'd send the picture. I won't feel hurt if you don't take me up on that offer, but I thought I'd put it out there ;)

Eventually I'll have a site with all my pictures and I'll be able to take orders and tell you right off what prices are, but I'm still getting there ;)

Taking a little break...

Yep, turns out that work continues even after the county fair is over...now that doesn't seem very fair, does it? ;) Right now I'm so brain scrambled that I'm forcing myself to take a break, with the hopes that afterward, I'll be 100 times more effective (or something like that...)

I wouldn't have so much scrambling to do, but in just one more day, I'll be on vacation for a week! I'm going up to Ohio and I have big, big plans for the week, like sleeping in, and sitting by the pool, and trying not to think or talk about work (and you can ask John how good I am about not thinking or talking about work...not.very. good.)

But you know what? I'll start not talking about work right now...

So it turns out my chiropractor likes a lot of my pictures and has 6 (!!) that he's interested in. I'm so excited about the idea of having pictures up in his office, just the fact that someone would want to buy 6 of my pictures, and the money that six pictures could bring. =) And once people see them, will they want to buy them too??

I also made a batch of chocolate chip cookies last night...and did my best to be generous with them. I probably should've given more away though, because now they are ALL I WANT TO EAT...exasturbated by the fact that I don't have a whooole lot of other food...I'm going to let myself have just one more, for now ;)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh Thank Goodness...

Yes, I have officially survived the county fair. We had exhibit pick-up today and it was amazing to see how quickly all those exhibits disappeared.

I guess I'm not TOTALLY done, because after that was over I put all the state fair exhibits into my car and since it was raining, decided I'd take them over to the office later. It's later now, but I'm still putting it off ;) And I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to move a bale of hay all by myself anyway.

Monday, July 17, 2006

hanging in...

Yep, I survived 4-H Camp (two weeks ago...I'm just really behind), AND the first day of the county fair (today) AND today is ALSO one year of working in my job!

Yay me!