Sunday, May 25, 2008

Callie dog

She's being extra cute this morning (but isn't wanting to sit still for pictures)

Saturday, May 24, 2008


This morning, I went with Nancy and Stephanie to the Farmer's Market to get plants for my container garden. It was a beautiful morning, and there were beautiful plants everywhere...finally I made some decisions (with Nancy and Stephanie's help...I was totally overwhelmed by all the options). Then it was off to Lowes to buy more than my weight in potting soil (thankfully they have helpful Lowes guys who will put stuff in your car for you). Turns out I didn't need quite that much potting soil (oops) but it does mean I'm all ready to buy some more plants!

Let's call this the before picture...

and another...

And here are the afters...

This is my front porch so far...I think I'll definitely get a few more plants for the front (and I also have two adorable hanging baskets that aren't up yet). The red/pink flowers are...(have to go check the little tag)...okay, Strawberry Super Parfait Dainthus, and I believe the other plants (soon to be flowers) are Gladiolas.

This is my herb garden (I've always thought about having one, and now I do!). The bigger pot has curled parsley, thyme, and rosemary. The little red pot has basil, and the yellow pot has lavendar. I have these out on the tiny balcony that's off our kitchen. I think this is the cutest set-up I have so far.

This one's the vegetable/fruit garden. The bigger pots are all tomatoes (grape, cherry, Roma, and Mr. Stripey) and the two smaller pots are strawberries. I've also planted banana peppers and dug some wild strawberries up from our yard and planted those. I think I'd like to get some more strawberries and maybe a few more vegetables...eggplant...zucchini...

I'm really excited about all the plants and I seriously can't wait for them to grow (I keep looking at them to see if they look any different ;) ). Keep your fingers crossed and send all your green thumbness my way, so they can all make it through the summer!


Our stand mixer arrived in the mail earlier this week, and (of course) I had to document the occasion.

Me, John, and our shiny new mixing bowl...

John using it for the first time (french bread!). The bread turned out great, and I'm really excited about all the things we can use it for (and for the ice cream maker attachment that'll be coming in the mail).