Friday, January 20, 2006

Here it is!

My adorable couch and a close-up so you can see the pattern!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Going to be a couch potato!!

Guess what I did today??? I bought a couch! Now this may seem pretty normal/not that exciting...BUT for the past 6 months I've been living WITHOUT a couch...which means I've had a papasaun chair and a folding camp chair in my living room...and even though they are acceptable things to sit on, they are not at all like a couch...

So yesterday, my wonderful new friend Keith called me to say that they'd seen some nice couches at the Peddler's Mall in Richmond. I was so excited (especially knowing that Keith has impeccible taste and would only tell me about nice couches) so I took off work at 4 and drove over to Richmond to check them out....ahhh love at first sight!!! so my new couch is really comfortable AND it looks like it's never been used AT ALL (it also doesn't look like the type of couch that would have fleas, bedbugs, or mice living in it--and yes, bedbugs do really exist and are making a comeback...oh, the things you learn working for the College of Agriculture ;) )

So my new couch looks like it came from someone's formal living's part of a two couch set (I did think about buying the other one but really...I don't need two of the same couch). It's got a lower back and low armrests, and it's a blue, sage green, gold floral, which sounds...well, it sounds hideous...but take it from a girl that does not normally like florals, it's really cute...and now you're picturing retro...but I think the couch isn't actually that old...anyway, I'll post a picture when it gets here!

That's the only sad with my camry on a really rainy day can't get a couch from Richmond to my I've already been trying to secure some help and a truck for tomorrow after work...luckily, I am very persuasive, determined and I've got a killer smile...


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Some of my favorites...

For eight years, I've been collecting quotations and putting them into blank books. It's always a thrill find a new quotation that I love and can add to my collection! This evening, after adding a few new ones to my book, I was reading back through the some of the older ones....

"So, when something out of the ordinary happens,
some event that brings reassurance that our faith is trustworthy,
we welcome it with all our heart.
But the lesson is the same,
everything is going to be okay."
- Mitch Finley

"What is the meaning of it all? I will never know. But I may, like those first graders, give my life meaning by throwing myself recklessly into it daily, as if something astonishing is happening and I am a part of it. It is and I am." -Robert Fulghum