Wednesday, March 23, 2005

duck feet! =)

duck feet! =)

I know taking pictures of ducks isn't that hard...because well they're not scared of you. I still thought it was fun, and what can I say, I love their bright orange feet! I don't think they loved me though--they were pretty disgruntled with me when they realized that I had no food for them.Posted by Hello

fence and sky

fence and sky

These are all picture from this afternoon. I got inspired and went out with my camera (maybe finally getting over that whole burned-out-on-photography thing!). The weather was looking a little iffy (leave it to me to get inspired when there's a winter weather advisory), but the clouds looked pretty neat, and the light was diffused (ah my favorite type of lighting). Anyway...the weather held out for me, and so I had an awesome afternoon doing one of my favorite things ever ;)
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prairie grass (altered)

prairie grass (altered in photoshop)

This one and the one below it looked okay after I got them uploaded on the computer, but then I started playing around with them in photoshop, and now I think they look not really photographs images, I guess. On this one, I changed the hue, upped the color saturation, and made the whole image darker.Posted by Hello

more prairie grass (altered)

more prairie grass (altered)

This one I wanted in black and white, but once I removed the color from the picture it was really I went into "brightness/contrast," made the picture darker, and increased the contrast. Another digital image. Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 19, 2005

I finished the scarf!!

Blue models my newly finished Irish Hiking Scarf--my first knitted scarf AND my first project with cables (which I LOVE now...they look so sharp and aren't hard at all!) Should be mailing it off to Kentucky tomorrow morning and hoping that there's a little cold winter weather left over there. I got the pattern from...

I actually decided to do this project because the directions made so much sense and once I read it/figured out how to do the cables I stayed up until 2 a.m. just practicing...I was so excited. For the scarf, I used a a little more than one skein of Red Heart Supersaver Yarn. I used size 10 needles instead of size 8 and made it 65 inches instead of 55.. Now, I just have to get it in the mail quick before I decide to keep it for myself ;)
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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

going on up

Feeling much better today...have been quite the busy bee this morning with clean laundry, clean dishes, and another resume all ready to send out! I also found a great blog about job hunting (I don't know anything about the services the Bold Career website is selling, just appreciated several of the posts)...

Bold Career Blog

Feeling better about the job search too...and hoping I hear back about some of the resumes I've just sent out (fingers crossed)

Monday, March 14, 2005


yeah I'm cranky tonight...and I was doing so well today...but then I came home, got hungry, figured out that the chicken I'd put out to thaw was all freezer burned (grrrr), had a good dinner anyway (of something else that wasn't freezer burned) and had some more girl scout cookies...I got two half boxes on Saturday and now, I'm two cookies away from them being all gone(!!!)...ugh

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Yay! My Dad's coming to visit!

He's on the road right now...and luckily, he lives about 12 hours away so I still have time to clear all the Girl Scout and knitting junk off the spare bed, and clean up the kitchen...

I broke my garbage disposal today...=/ or at least is stopped working. I need to call my landlord to let them know but I'm afraid it's so obviously my fault that they'll just think I'm the most stupid person yeah I probably have put things down the disposal I shouldn't stopped today when I put two lemon slices down there (to make it smell better)...but since they didn't get torn up at all...I think it may have been little bits of those grapevine wreaths I soaked and took apart for the dreamcatcher workshops (I thought I got most of those little pieces...sigh)

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Father Daughter Tea

I was sitting on my couch watching "Little Bill" (I only get CBS with my antenna and Little Bill is by far my favorite Saturday morning cartoon, better than Dora and Blue's Clues combined) and reading when I remembered I had to be at the Girl Scout thing to help at 11..luckily I was having one of those days where my hair doesn't look totally crazy when I wake up, so I just got dressed and left...When I got to the Firemen's Hall, there were more boxes of every type of baking mix you can imagine sitting on the these Girl Scout Moms are serious (and I'm feeling a little inadequate about the one sleepover--as in we've only had one event outside of meetings all year--I had for the Junior Girl Scouts )

Anyway I started making brownies with help from the sweetest little girl who had to stand on a chair to be able to reach the counter...we made two different batches...and I managed to keep myself from liking the bowl (both times!!!) was so nice though, bustling around the kitchen with moms and kids and dads stopping in to make sure they had everything they needed...for awhile I actually felt like I was a part of something, connected...I'm not sure I can explain it without sounding cheesy...but I'll just say it was warm-and-fuzzy and leave it at that ;) I even got to use an electric cookie press to form spritz cookies, and that was just about the coolest thing

I have to say, I love seeing kids with their reminds me of my Dad, and I just think dads with their daughters are extra was so funny, we all sat down to "tea" which was actually punch and a massive amount of baked goods...and it was sooo dad finally spoke up "well, you can tell it's a group of men. No one's talking" but they warmed up a little when they started talking about the weather and how sugared up their kids were getting. I sat next to my little helper and she was convinced the brownies she was eating were the ones we made together. "They're really chocolate-y so they must be ours" I agreed that if they tasted good that we made them, and if they didnt...well, then someone else must have (or it could've been the batch where I read the high altitude directions AFTER putting in all the ingredients and it called for extra flour, okay, and different amounts of water and vegetable oil, oops...oh well, didn't see anyone gagging on/spitting out brownies)

I managed to make it home without a plate of cookies/cupcakes/brownies...that seemed like the best thing at the time. I was already all sugared up and didn't think I needed to take more home...but right now, I REALLY wish I had a cupcake and a big glass of milk...mmm

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Something else...

Yeah so I'm even sick of hearing myself talk about leaving I'm going to leave that one alone for awhile ;)

Anyway, today was awesome. I led a dreamcatcher workshop this afternoon, which meant this morning I got up and spent two hours deconstructing two grapevine wreaths (and turning them into about 28 grapevine rings to make dreamcatchers with). I was just so glad that the wreaths came apart and worked so well. My kitchen is still a mess from the whole process but I'll clean it up...someday.

The workshop went well...just 5 kids..which is down from what we normally have but I also didn't get the flyers out until Monday. A small group worked out well anyway since I didn't find any volunteers to help me lead this one...the kids mostly grasped the directions and their dreamcatchers were so beautiful...just incredible...makes me think next time I make one I should throw out the directions =)

It was beautiful here today (64 DEGREES!! according to the temp. at the bank)...even broke out the capris...that was exciting since I've been wanting to wear them for months =) and I checked out a stack of books from the library AND I have knitting tonight (yay!) which means I should go find something for dinner...