Saturday, February 16, 2008


I finally finished my very first pair of Abbie-sized socks! =)

Pattern: Random internet pattern for ribbed socks

Yarn: Swizzle Self-Striping Sock Yarn

Check 'em out!

What I learned from my first pair of adult socks...

*Use a pattern from a source you know and trust. This pattern was okay...didn't like the heel or toe directions...and then halfway through the first sock, I couldn't find it online anymore, and I'd lost my print out (oops!)

*Use bigger needles next time/make a swatch--these fit because they're stretchy BUT I'd like to make my next pair a little bigger

*Extra toe room is better than not enough

*Self-striping yarn is way fun and awesome!

My next project is finishing my dad's scarf (soon!) and then I'm thinking about some wristwarmers from


Friday, February 15, 2008

Bag Tag

Bag tag (from Christina)

Here are the rules:
1. you have to show your bag
2. you have to show all the contents in your bag-without cleaning out first
3. tag 5 other people

This is the bag I take to work everyday, my Mountainsmith Day...holds about everything and the kitchen sink ;)

And here's everything that's inside it...

Which includes:
water bottle
travel mug
day planner
two things of lip balm
two string cheeses
one raspberry green tea teabag (in a plastic container)
two spoons
old paystub
old receipt
ball-point pen
four pennies
my keys
and a pill bottle top

(usually my wallet and phone would be in there, too, but I went to the grocery store after work and put those in my coat pocket)

I'd tag people, but...everyone I know with a blog has already been if you happen to read this, and want to play along, go for it! =)