Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tastes like Fall

John made (from scratch) caramel apples yesterday. Delicious!

(P.S. John's blogging now )

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fall pictures

I wanted to get some Fall shots this morning, so I went out to the Maloney Nature Reserve. It has a great nature trail, and it was a beautiful morning to be out there (just me, the crickets, and the mosquitoes).

My favorite shot from this morning

I didn't notice the little guy right away...and then I couldn't resist including him and his antenna in the shot.

It was almost like we were playing a game. As I circled around to get more of him in the shot, he would inch around the other way. I wondered how long we could've gone on like that.

I love fall colors but a lot of my pictures end up looking brown/gray/blah...this one actually had the look I was going for (YES!!)


I got this one by putting my camera on autofocus and just shooting without looking through the viewfinder.

I get a lot of crummy shots that way, but every now and then, I get something I really like. And after thinking about every shot, and taking multiple shots at different angles, etc, it's nice to shoot without overthinking.

It also made it possible for me to get a really low angle without having to lie down in the mud (lay down in the mud? of those grammar rules I can never remember)

What I did during the summer...

And the final summer list looks like...

Picnic at the lake
Wash car with hose
Pheasants baseball game
Go to Farmers Markets
Watch fireworks
Use fire ring/bowl
Go canoeing
Make popsicles
Make ice cream
Go to an outdoor concert
Go camping
Visit/photograph a winery
Play frisbee golf
Visit Palisades
Go to an auction/garage sale
Ride whole bike path
Go to a you-pick-it fruit place
Host grill-out at our house
Make banana boats on the grill
Eat corn on the cob
Go to a drive-in/outdoor movie
Look at stars (through a telescope)

Now time for the Fall list...

Monday, October 04, 2010

Catching up

We had an incredible time in Ohio at Jimmie and Erin's wedding - such a beautiful wedding and an awesome reception (what can I say, my family throws awesome weddings ;) )

and visiting friends in Athens (I LOVE Athens and my Ohio friends!!!!)

Nancy, me and Yvonne

Jin and me

Steph's knitting that's named after me! (abbie-grey)

Jackie O's...Yep, I tried Bacon beer...and now I never have to drink it again ;)

I'm not posting a picture of the dead fish, but I'm going to leave this reference in here just so I don't forget.

Beer awesomeness in Downtown Columbus

I am totally in love with my lunch

I came home and took some pictures out on the bike path...

It's kind of pretty here...

and I started my Fall List (to be posted soon)