Saturday, October 09, 2010

What I did during the summer...

And the final summer list looks like...

Picnic at the lake
Wash car with hose
Pheasants baseball game
Go to Farmers Markets
Watch fireworks
Use fire ring/bowl
Go canoeing
Make popsicles
Make ice cream
Go to an outdoor concert
Go camping
Visit/photograph a winery
Play frisbee golf
Visit Palisades
Go to an auction/garage sale
Ride whole bike path
Go to a you-pick-it fruit place
Host grill-out at our house
Make banana boats on the grill
Eat corn on the cob
Go to a drive-in/outdoor movie
Look at stars (through a telescope)

Now time for the Fall list...

1 comment:

American Renaissance said...

You and John are welcome anytime to come and visit this little corner of Florida! The San Sebastian Winery in St Augustine has tours and a bar, so you could get your photo fix on a quick little day trek from here!

ALSO: I need to figure the best time to come visit the great Northern Mid-West! We can trade.