Monday, October 04, 2010

Catching up

We had an incredible time in Ohio at Jimmie and Erin's wedding - such a beautiful wedding and an awesome reception (what can I say, my family throws awesome weddings ;) )

and visiting friends in Athens (I LOVE Athens and my Ohio friends!!!!)

Nancy, me and Yvonne

Jin and me

Steph's knitting that's named after me! (abbie-grey)

Jackie O's...Yep, I tried Bacon beer...and now I never have to drink it again ;)

I'm not posting a picture of the dead fish, but I'm going to leave this reference in here just so I don't forget.

Beer awesomeness in Downtown Columbus

I am totally in love with my lunch

I came home and took some pictures out on the bike path...

It's kind of pretty here...

and I started my Fall List (to be posted soon)


Stina said...

So I want to know about the dead fish....And bacon beer?

John Fout said...

Jackie O's Bacon Stout. Tasted like a stout beer but with a hint of bacon grease aftertaste. Left a film in your mouth... Not pleasant. Not bad but eh, wouldn't want more than a pint.

Abbie said...

I think John's got you covered on the beer...It was mainly just weird

So there was a dead fish floating around in the tank next to us at dinner...we were with a big group and somehow it just ended up being hilariously funny. I even have a picture of it (but without being there, it didn't make sense...and I looked kind of like a jerk) no dead fish pictures ;)

John said...

"Why are we whispering about SriRachi and yelling about a DEAD FISH?!" Famous quote from the evening.