Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

We had the weirdest combination of snow yesterday, and then freezing rain, and then plain old rain and then snow again. When Callie woke me up at 6:40 morning, I checked online (hoping, hoping, hoping) to see whether they'd canceled classes at the university and THEY HAD! (I couldn't believe it). So I went back to bed until 11, got up and made scones, and hung out in my pajamas (I'm still in them right now)...

I let Callie run around in the snow (she loves it and didn't want to come in) while I took some here's Miss Callie out in the snow.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

16 Things About Me

Callie...uninterested in learning anything new about me...

1. I've been collecting my favorite quotations since 1998.
2. I LOVE to read magazines
3. and young adult and children's literature.
4. In college, I had to go to the ER twice--both because of bike wrecks.
5. I like to eat breakfast food first thing no matter when I get up
6. I have no sense of direction.
7. I wish they still played Square One on public television
8. I met my husband at boy scout camp (he was a staff member)
9. Mopping is my least favorite chore
10. I made the blanket in that picture.
11. I've had short hair since 1998, and I can't imagine ever growing it out.
12. I want to learn to speak spanish
13. I consider myself a "formerly shy" person but I can still be pretty darn shy in some situations (I'd rather speak in front of a large group than try to mingle afterward)
14. When I was little, I told my parents I wanted to be as tall as Danny Manning, a 6'11" KU basketball player. I'm glad that didn't actually happen.
15. I check my email all the time
16. I love getting rid of stuff, and I think donating good stuff to the thrift stores gives me good thrift-store karma

If you're reading this and have a blog, consider yourself tagged...if you're reading this and don't have a blog, you can always comment with your 16 things (or about how cute Callie is ;) )

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What I'll do for free food...

Actually, I'd take pictures at the restaurant anyway (the free food is just an added bonus).

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome, welcome 2009!

Happy New Year to you and yours...we're having a relaxed day today (after staying out tooo late last night). I wanted to take a look back at here it goes...

For the very first time in 2008, I...

got married! (exactly two months ago today!)

grew my very own vegetables and fruit (Strawberries, tomatoes, and banana peppers)

learned to make bacon without setting off the smoke detectors (very exciting but unfortunately I didn't document it or blog about it at the time...however, my bacon this morning?? Excellent!)

tried food photography and had my pictures in a magazine (see previous post)

tried firework photography

ate durian fruit (I learned about it watching No Reservations and then I happened to be at a party where someone brought one and tried it. It smells REALLY bad but the taste was kind of garlic-banana-like. Not awful but also not something I'm dying to eat again)

knit adult-sized socks (for me!)

made a quilt (I really don't think that's ever going to happen again)

Tried felting my knitting

Used a real TV camera (to help film a show at work when no students were in town). It was fun...but they've never asked me to do it again (might not be a good sign) ;)

and became totally obsessed with reading blogs (see "random websites I like" but honestly, that's only a portion of them) and fell in love with lolcats and loldogs

Right now, that's all I can remember when it comes to new stuff (may come back and add some later ;) )

During 2008, I loved:

Jasmine Rice (it is amazingly better than normal rice AND you can buy it at the grocery store and make it at home, I'm kind of obsessed)

the Sex in the City movie, Horton Hears a Who, and Quantum of Solace

finding out how much TV you can watch online (my favorites being Jon and Kate Plus Eight, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Starter Wife, and Lipstick Jungle)

Playing Wii fishing, racing cows, and the Wind Quest game, and for the last 4 days of 2008 - Animal Crossing (way obsessed with that, too)

Jon's salmon at Lui-Lui Restaurant (my other fave being the veggie feta pasta but that's not new this year)

Lemon cookies and sweet potato bisque at Village Bakery

For 2009, I'm looking forward to:

Moving to a different house (no more freezing pipes!! actual closets!!)

Our first anniversary (yay!)

Visiting Bren and NYC (not sure when that's happening but it is GOING to happen)

Going to Florida for Mike and Tracy's wedding (kind of like a mandatory vacation--I'm into that)

Trying the gardening thing again (more veggies, fewer flowers)

More photography--and using my new flash.

Doing other new, exciting, and yet-to-be determined things!

Here's hoping we all have the best and brightest year yet!