Thursday, August 21, 2008

With enough patience...

maybe all of my tomatoes will start to turn red!

Everything's still pretty green, except for this guy. I was beginning to think there was something wrong (and that I should start looking for recipes for fried green tomatoes) but then a few days ago, this one started looking slightly yellowish...and now I think it's definitely getting a red-ish tone ;)

We've already enjoyed a couple banana just by itself and another with pepperoni on a pizza (which I recommend). You can see them (and Callie) right here...

The strawberries have also come back and we've gotten a handful of them...definitely need more plants than just two in the future.

On a non-gardening note, wedding planning is going well...getting down to the last few things...

I've got an appointment with the seamstress tomorrow (fingers crossed that alterations cost less than I've budgeted--it'd be like finding free money). I know where we're getting the flowers, just need to finalize that. John's going to work out the menu with his boss, and I think me and the moms (mine and John's) are going shopping for their dresses next weekend (because my mom is coming to visit! YAY!)

Nothing new in knitting-land though...I've been making the same washcloth for about a month. Next are the socks I'm making John for his birthday, I was thinking about the "Manly Socks" in either Baby Ull or Trekking Tweed (probably Baby Ull...I've seen the Trekking Tweed I like, but have yet to find any for sale)

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