Saturday, July 25, 2015

And another one...

I did my second 5K this morning - the Tour the City 5K Race in Madison. I finished in 27:52:50 (less than 9 mins a mile) and was 17th out of 42 participants.

I didn't have anyone to take my picture - but here's an excellent car selfie from after I finished

Sunday, June 28, 2015

I did it!

After putting it in my new year's resolutions for years, I finally did it - ran my first 5k!

At the finish!
I did it in 28:52 (timing with my watch) including two inflatable obstacles (with things I had to climb over, scrambling kids, and slides) and that comes out to 9:17 per mile.

I was really excited to finish at that pace. I started with a walk-jog program, and I've been running based on time only (running 30-32 mins). I had NO idea how far I was going (no smart phone, not running on a track, etc.) so I wasn't sure whether 32 mins would get me to 5k or not (I was thinking/hoping I ran between 10-11 minute miles). I also resisted the urge to look at my watch (so discouraging when you realize you've only been running for 3 minutes) so it wasn't until after I finished that I saw I'd made it in less than 29 minutes. So, while I'll remember this as my first 5k, it seems likely that I've been running 5k+ for a while :D

Mom and me after the run

My parents and Kailee came to support me during the run (and saved a table in the Pub House).

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

2015! 2015! 2015!

My resolutions:
Read more books (at least 12)
Do a 5K
Have friends over to my house more often

What I'm looking forward to:
Finishing painting my kitchen cabinets Done!
More photography (and more getting my photography out there)
More camping

What I'd like to try in 2015:
Block printing fabric
Cross country skiing
Taking pictures with my Brownie camera

Firsts from 2014:
Hiked Harney Peak
Online dating
Hit a raccoon with my car :(
Did the Tour Sioux Falls bike ride
Went stand up paddle boarding
Went climbing at the Palisades
Saw the Avett Brothers in concert
Saw Jason Isbell in concert
Tried Ethiopian food

Favorite things in 2014:
Planet Money podcast
Haley Bonar
Sylvan Esso
Baked oatmeal from Budget Bytes (like this one)