Monday, October 31, 2011


My mom, dad, Erin, and I carved pumpkins yesterday night (and ate pizza, listened to Halloween music on Pandora, and drank Pumpkin Bog - good times!) We used all the pumpkins to decorate my parents' front porch.

Erin's were the VERY cutest, but I think they all ended up looking pretty good.

Dad's pumpkin

Erin's pumpkins

My pumpkin (front) with Mom's pumpkin and Erin's

Whole pumpkin family

Monday, October 03, 2011

Food Show!

We spent last night and today in Sioux Falls - one of John's main food distributors was having a food show, got him a nice hotel room for the night (he totally wins, it was WAY nicer than anything I've stayed in for work!), free reception last night, and LOTS of free samples of food this morning (nice!).

Afterward, we went downtown to shop and walk around. Some of the pictures I took...

Me reflected in a soccer ball

Another sculpture

Sweet bike!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Catching up

Pics from the last couple weeks...

My new recipe for September - homemade spaghetti sauce and green beans from the garden

One of the sunflowers that John planted for me <3

Veggies from the garden (and the backyard)

A veggie close-up

It's frosted a couple times since I took these pictures - I covered the garden the first two nights, but since then, it's been on its own (survival of the hardiest?)

And a great surprise - one of our overgrown flowerbeds has mums in it (one of my favorite flowers and the main decoration at out wedding)!!

Sunday, September 04, 2011


I turned 31 on Friday (yay!!)

We actually celebrated with family last Monday because of work schedules (I'm in Huron for the SD State Fair) and had an awesome time (grilled kabobs, risotto, cake, birthday punch, home-brewed beer).

On Friday, I was overwhelmed by texts and Facebook greetings, enjoyed some time at the beer and wine pavilion, and had Mexican for dinner (yum!)

I've been thinking about making some birthday resolutions/goals. With all the unrest and uncertainty at work, 30 ended up being kind of a stressful year (although lots of great things happened, like John's new job and buying our house). I just think that 31 should be WAY better.

So here's my plan for the year:

Exercise - 3 aerobic workouts and 2 strength workouts a week (zumba and yoga at the community center start on Tuesday - can't wait!)

Reading - one book (or more) a month

Cooking/Eating - one new recipe (or more) a month (this is especially important now that I cook for myself when John's working) and a fruit or veggie with every meal

(These are actually pretty similar to my goals for 2007 - pretty much my most effective resolutions ever - so I figured it was time for a revisit ;) )

Monday, August 29, 2011

And the garden

I picked the first two roma tomatoes yesterday (a little impatiently - I was making roasted tomatoes and didn't have enough grape tomatoes). I think we're about a week from having green peppers and that the one big Brandywine will be ripe this week, too.

And, in other good news, we're one step closer to having a fence in the backyard (which we NEED - the dogs have been driving me nuts!)

More camping

Our home for the weekend (comfortable, spacious, and no set-up or take-down required!)

Breakfast of champions

Saturday, August 27, 2011

More from Buffalo Ridge

Visiting John and camping for the weekend (in a teepee!)

I have snacks, a stack of magazines and books, my camera, laptop and a wireless connection - maybe I'll just stay up here forever ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Harvest time (kind of)

So far, we have cherry tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, green beans, peas, and beets ready to go. Just waiting for our peppers to get big enough and for the rest of the tomatoes to turn red (and get bigger).

Also, last week, I succeeded in making over-easy eggs for the first.time.ever! I really wanted eggs, but John's the expert egg maker (and he was at work). More proof that I can do ANYTHING as long as I have google

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Garden Update

The good: This week, I've eaten some of the cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas. The spindly green beans are looking MUCH better (could probably start picking some). The sickly Roma tomato is hanging in there. Also, planting the garden so late meant that it wasn't producing like crazy during Achievement Days (thank goodness).

The bad: We lost the squash to borers (pulled them this morning). The radishes have all gone to seed, have crazy tall stalks and are taking over their row - I don't think any of that is supposed to happen.

Achievement Days

Another successful Achievement Days on the books. I'm thankful that we had good weather, that everything went well, and that I have a day off today ;)


The ugliest ugly cake of all (the winner of our Ugly Cake Contest)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Growing growing growing

Our first red tomato

Our Roma tomatoes (not even thinking about getting red yet)

My new favorite garden plant (they really are the cutest) and the peas that I noticed for the first time earlier this week

My Crazy Days bargain - a clearance candle-holder turned birdfeeder (to be honest, I thought it was a birdfeeder from the start - but then read the label about "risk of fire")

We also have green beans on the one bean plant that grew from our first planting. There are three newer bean plans (two are pretty spindly) so I'm hoping for more beans to come.

The italian squash is dying (borers? stalk borers? something) and one of the Roma plants is not looking so hot. The spinach and lettuce also bolted during the last two weeks.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


A few of my treasures from yesterday's auction (the first auction I've ever been to!)

Kind of in love with the camera and the old binoculars. Mom got the camera for me ($2.50) and the binoculars came in a big box of stuff. I'm thinking about hanging the binocs by our big window to watch the birds (at the risk of looking like we're peeping on our neighbors). I'm also thinking about film for the Brownie or magically having the skills to convert it to a digital camera (with google and enough patience, I can do all things, right?) ;)

I also got a printer box, an awesome old mirror, a frame I want to use (either around a print or to frame a chalkboard), two lamps (need paint, rewiring, new shades), and a rug.

Printer's box

Old mirror, lamps, and me

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Piano (!!!) and camping

Last Friday, I got a call from my Dad. He asked if I was busy and then said I needed to go home because they were delivering a birthday present and I needed to let them into my house. Huh??

I drove home and saw the Habitat ReStore truck in front of the house, and my mom standing next to a piano bench (!!). It about killed the poor guys delivering it, but I now have my very own piano.

I can't remember the last time I was so surprised (as my sister-in-law puts it, it was like "little kid Christmas"). They'd talked about seeing the piano at the ReStore, but I hadn't gotten out to see it and figured it had already been sold (and it had - to them).

Then, after work that day, I went up to Gary, SD to visit John and camp out for the night. It was the first time in two years that I went camping and WASN'T responsible for other people's children - so much more relaxing ;)

We had a great time hanging out with his coworkers on the patio, riding around town in a golf cart, and camping. It's so nice to get to know where he works and the people he works with.

More pictures of the resort:

More garden

A few pictures from earlier this month. I finally weeded and put straw down, and the plants are SO much happier. I also got fungicide spray for the tomatoes (leaf spot) and squash (powdery mildew), and I replanted some green bean seeds and spinach.

Tomatoes in action

Peppers doing their thing

Overall garden

I also bought shepherd's hooks and put the birdfeeders up in front of our bay windows