Saturday, September 24, 2011

Catching up

Pics from the last couple weeks...

My new recipe for September - homemade spaghetti sauce and green beans from the garden

One of the sunflowers that John planted for me <3

Veggies from the garden (and the backyard)

A veggie close-up

It's frosted a couple times since I took these pictures - I covered the garden the first two nights, but since then, it's been on its own (survival of the hardiest?)

And a great surprise - one of our overgrown flowerbeds has mums in it (one of my favorite flowers and the main decoration at out wedding)!!


Kate said...

Love seeing all of your veggies. We made a gallant effort but we just don't have quite enough sun at our place to have a decent go at veggie growing.

Abbie said...

Thanks, Kate! Too bad you don't have enough sun...if you have random sunny spots, you could maybe try container gardening? I did that three summers before I ever actually put anything in the ground (just plopped them out in the sunniest spot in the middle of the yard). Or there may be some community garden space...although, my garden gets neglected and it's right out my backdoor...I'm afraid if it was much farther, it would be totally on its own ;)