Sunday, September 04, 2011


I turned 31 on Friday (yay!!)

We actually celebrated with family last Monday because of work schedules (I'm in Huron for the SD State Fair) and had an awesome time (grilled kabobs, risotto, cake, birthday punch, home-brewed beer).

On Friday, I was overwhelmed by texts and Facebook greetings, enjoyed some time at the beer and wine pavilion, and had Mexican for dinner (yum!)

I've been thinking about making some birthday resolutions/goals. With all the unrest and uncertainty at work, 30 ended up being kind of a stressful year (although lots of great things happened, like John's new job and buying our house). I just think that 31 should be WAY better.

So here's my plan for the year:

Exercise - 3 aerobic workouts and 2 strength workouts a week (zumba and yoga at the community center start on Tuesday - can't wait!)

Reading - one book (or more) a month

Cooking/Eating - one new recipe (or more) a month (this is especially important now that I cook for myself when John's working) and a fruit or veggie with every meal

(These are actually pretty similar to my goals for 2007 - pretty much my most effective resolutions ever - so I figured it was time for a revisit ;) )


Kate said...

Happy belated!

Abbie said...

Thanks, Kate! =)

Stina said...

Great idea to have birthday resolutions. Here's to a less stressful year! You make 31 look good! OW OW!

Abbie said...

Thanks, Christina! They are going okay so far (better luck with the cooking and healthy eating than the exercising...but I'm getting there!)