Sunday, July 24, 2011


A few of my treasures from yesterday's auction (the first auction I've ever been to!)

Kind of in love with the camera and the old binoculars. Mom got the camera for me ($2.50) and the binoculars came in a big box of stuff. I'm thinking about hanging the binocs by our big window to watch the birds (at the risk of looking like we're peeping on our neighbors). I'm also thinking about film for the Brownie or magically having the skills to convert it to a digital camera (with google and enough patience, I can do all things, right?) ;)

I also got a printer box, an awesome old mirror, a frame I want to use (either around a print or to frame a chalkboard), two lamps (need paint, rewiring, new shades), and a rug.

Printer's box

Old mirror, lamps, and me

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