Thursday, March 03, 2005

Something else...

Yeah so I'm even sick of hearing myself talk about leaving I'm going to leave that one alone for awhile ;)

Anyway, today was awesome. I led a dreamcatcher workshop this afternoon, which meant this morning I got up and spent two hours deconstructing two grapevine wreaths (and turning them into about 28 grapevine rings to make dreamcatchers with). I was just so glad that the wreaths came apart and worked so well. My kitchen is still a mess from the whole process but I'll clean it up...someday.

The workshop went well...just 5 kids..which is down from what we normally have but I also didn't get the flyers out until Monday. A small group worked out well anyway since I didn't find any volunteers to help me lead this one...the kids mostly grasped the directions and their dreamcatchers were so beautiful...just incredible...makes me think next time I make one I should throw out the directions =)

It was beautiful here today (64 DEGREES!! according to the temp. at the bank)...even broke out the capris...that was exciting since I've been wanting to wear them for months =) and I checked out a stack of books from the library AND I have knitting tonight (yay!) which means I should go find something for dinner...

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