Monday, February 28, 2005

Why I'm leaving Saratoga

I've gotten asked about this several times (which makes me think that the people doing the asking haven't really considered what it'd be like to live in rural Wyoming without a family and without any family members within 800 miles) but anyway...

It turns out that I fell in love with Appalachia without knowing it. I had going Out West so stuck in my head that I didn't realize how much I loved where I was, or maybe it just took me coming out here to figure it out.

I miss driving down 664 between Logan and Lancaster. I miss all the crazy festivals they have in South-Eastern Ohio. I miss the way fog collects in the valleys in West Virginia, so you can just see the tops of the mountains, black against the evening sky. I miss Kentucky, Ale-8, the Red, white churches with steeples along every highway, West Virginia, the New, and the Monongahela Wilderness (but not enough to check to make sure I'm spelling it right). I was so afraid I'd come to Wyoming and never want to leave...and here I am, in the Rockies, 6,700-some feet about sea-level, and all I want to do is go back.

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