Thursday, February 24, 2005

It's just that friendly

John and me in the Cinncinnati Airport

I LOVE Lexington!! =) After the craziness of flying, meeting John, and driving away from icky Cinncinnati as fast as we could, Lexington just seemed like the best place on town, old houses, places to eat, places to shop, delivery pizza, smile-y sunshine license plates, people my own age (who understand the importance of college basketball!), trees, green grass, plants that were already growing, rainy weather (who'd have guessed I'd miss that) and John (yay!!!!)

It was a great weekend with lots and lots of laziness...I could blame that on John being sick but really, I'm just kind of a lazy bum ;) but we did go out to Q'doba...which, if anyone is wondering, is much better than Chipotle ;) and we went to Pazzo's, which was excellent, walked around UK, looked for a UK tshirt for me (but in my infinite pickyness I never did find one), watched tv, hung out with John's roommates, and just had a fun was so hard to leave.

Oh, and I didn't get the scarf finished...I did take it with me and was brave enough to knt in front of John's roommates (and only got made fun of a little...but it was ok...if I can dish it out I better be able to take it) but I didn't get that far on it. Frantic knitting doesn't work that I'm going to take my time from here on out...and probably get it finished here in the next couple weeks.

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