Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Another crazy night...

I stayed up until 3...knitting! Wild times, huh? =) Actually my dinner turned out so incredibly awesome that I decided I needed dessert. Went to the store (before 8 because that's when it closes) and bought brownies, made them, and ate some even though I can't seem to get brownies right at altitude (move to the mountains and your baking skills go totally out the window...its a drag). I was wired up from the chocolate and decided that I wanted to get a foot of John's scarf finished before I went to sleep...yeah, didn't get quite that far...but I still got up at 9 this morning and I've already been knitting up a storm...I'm trying to get it finished before I leave for Kentucky this weekend, which means I have 40-some inches to go.Wish me luck and hope that my fingers can hold out ;)

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