Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Yay! My Dad's coming to visit!

He's on the road right now...and luckily, he lives about 12 hours away so I still have time to clear all the Girl Scout and knitting junk off the spare bed, and clean up the kitchen...

I broke my garbage disposal today...=/ or at least is stopped working. I need to call my landlord to let them know but I'm afraid it's so obviously my fault that they'll just think I'm the most stupid person ever...so yeah I probably have put things down the disposal I shouldn't have...it stopped today when I put two lemon slices down there (to make it smell better)...but since they didn't get torn up at all...I think it may have been little bits of those grapevine wreaths I soaked and took apart for the dreamcatcher workshops (I thought I got most of those little pieces...sigh)

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