Wednesday, March 29, 2006


so the number of people who've visited my blog has pretty much doubled over one weekend...that's pretty darn cool (and I'm trying not to let my new-found fame go to my head ;) ) May seem a little strange to get excited about 136 people veiwing my proflie (that's total...not just this week) but for awhile I've been convinced that the only person that really saw my blog was my yep, this is great!

Thanks Kirsten! I think you're freakin' awesome too--your knitting projects are incredible and inspiring (lace knitting---you must have the patience of a saint! Remember when I was working on Branching Out? hasn't gotten any longer since then...I think it'll be a loooong-term project) and I love reading about everything you're up to (P.S. I love Alton Brown too--if he weren't married I'd go to Georgia and steal him for myself--now don't you go down there and try it, I'd fight you for him ;) )

So with great fame (lol) comes great can I make my blog interesting enough that people will come back? That's something I've wondered the entire time I've had a blog actually...and I've thought about having a theme (photography or "how to survive in rural Kentucky when you're not from Kentucky and don't have a clue what soup beans or country ham is") but the truth is, I'm too scatterbrained for a I'll just keep posting about the random parts of my life and hope you'll stop by sometimes and check it out!! Oh, and if you're really into photography...root around a little more...I've got some stuff from Wyoming that I really like and it's in the postings from last March (?) I think...

Photography is pretty much my favorite thing of all time--I've been taking pictures since I was nine (heck yeah, 4-H photography project!). Since then, I've had a photograph on the cover of Kansas Banker Magazine (you all saw that issue, right?? ;) ), dominated the Douglas County 4-H photography contest at the county fair and newspaper/yearbook photography stuff at my high school (you can also find some of my pictures in the FSHS display at the local that's the big time ;) ) and went to Ohio Univeristy for photojournalism..and got totally BURNT OUT, switched majors twice and ended up as an English major (and since reading is my second favorite thing, things worked out really well--though as you can see, I still love the run-on sentence)...

Now that the burnt out feeling has worn off (helped along by receiving a Canon Digital Rebel for graduation) I'm happily taking my camera anywhere and everywhere I go. I'm also looking into getting my photography displayed at some local galleries and since it turns out that people (other than my parents) think my photography is worth buying, I'm also looking into selling my prints (SO EXCITING!!)

If you're really into're pretty much seeing the extent of my knitting skills right here (though there are some adorable baby boy scout socks around here somewhere). I first learned to knit from my sister Erin, promptly forgot how, and learned again during a sock knitting class I took last winter...I'm still learning but I love knitting (and I NEED the stress-relief!) and I also love impressing the heck out of people when I'm using double-points ;)

Anyway that's about it for me...except for...a quote that I love right now...(heck, if I can't get you to come back, maybe Voltaire can!)

"I have always made one prayer to God, a very short one. Here it is, "My God, make our enemies very ridiculous!" God has granted it to me." - Voltaire

May all your enemies be "very ridiculous" ;) Thanks for coming by

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Can you spot the finished projects??

My most recent knitting and a half toddler socks (the other half is on the way). I LOVE making these socks and luckily, it seems like everyone I know is having babies. I'm also loving the purple varigated yarn--I think it's making the cutest socks ever (rivaled only by the baby boy scout socks I made). The socks are all resting on my newly finised throw--which I love so much that it goes on my bed every night and back to my couch during the day. I'm not sure what I'll tackle next. I've been doing some online pattern searching--one of these days I may attempt to make socks that are actually my size!

Another South Dakota Picture

Wednesday, March 15, 2006