Sunday, September 18, 2005

not lost and gone forever

Okay...I REALLY am going to post on my blog and keep it updated and add new pictures to make it look pretty...see I've already done it ;)

Well, I could probably go on and on about my life right now...if I just talked about the good stuff, it'd sound perfect and wonderful (but not so accurate) and if I just talked about the bad stuff,'d sound not so fun...

So I'll try to stick with the good things...

The picture below this post is from Labor Day Weekend (yay my birthday weekend!) at Miguel's Pizza at the Red River Gorge (camping is $2 a night for rock climbers and it was PACKED). We climbed a little and then hiked up to the natural bridge part of Natural Bridge State Park...very pretty! And we tried not to be too hurt by the fact that little kids and grandmas were beating us up the trail

The picture above this post is from the UK Arboretum...which is one of my favorite places in Kentucky so far (in Lexington...but that's only an hour away, right?). There are trees and flowers and people walking with strollers and dogs, and people running...I took pictures until my camera battery died, and the picture above is one of the best ones I got.

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