Monday, June 05, 2006

abbie attempts to have a more exciting blog...

by actually posting on it ;)

Been kind of busy recently...just bought new running shoes that I love love love...and I'm on week five of the beginner runner's plan from Runners World (click here to see the plan)It's taken me about 2 months to get there...decided that exercising when I can, and cutting myself some slack when I couldn't was better than just quitting when I had a week that I didn't get out enough. I'm pretty psyched because this is the third time I've tried it, and the best I've EVER done...maybe all my amazing running (Yay Heather and Christina!), glacier climbing, triathloning friends have rubbed off on me a little ;)

All the little flower seeds (wildflowers, old fashioned seed mix, and bachelor buttons)I planted are sprouting up...except the ones I planted in my two ceramic pots that don't have draining holes. With all the rain we've gotten, those have pretty much turned into stagnant pools...oops! It's true, all pots need to have holes in the bottom or be placed inside where they can't get downpoured on...BUT I still consider it a personal victory that I could grow plants from seeds. =) I'll post pictures when they look more flower-y.

Umm...other exciting news...I sold one of my photographs at the Mushroom Festival! I sold the rocking chair picture (you can see it if you scroll down). Then the flower picture became a mother's day gift for my boyfriend's mom (it's from her garden). The fence picture is back on my wall where it belongs, and the tree and the pier pictures are hanging out here...because I don't want to pay 30-50% comission for someone to sell it in their store ( thanks). My chiropractor did take a CD of my pictures today (I put together an awesome power point...I wish you could see it)...he's looking for stuff to put on his office I'm hoping he finds something that'll work. He wants 11x14s and it'd be so awesome to see my work that BIG! =)

That's about it...oh, and I have tons of food in my house, and all I want to eat is cheese sticks from pizza palace...craziness! I think I'll break down tomorrow and just go buy some, and maybe then I'll be left to eat my chicken (and everything else in the refrigerator) in peace.

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