Saturday, February 17, 2007

Yay for cute cupboards!

Awhile ago, Christina suggested that I post a picture of my new dishes...but I've never had enough of them clean to actually take a picture...until now...

Ta da! =)

The multicolored plates/bowls are Fiestaware...I currently have sets in peacock, cobalt, shamrock, scarlet, and turquoise...trying to decide if I should branch out to even more colors or get more sets of the colors I already have (thoughts?)

The big blue bowl is actually a set of mixing bowls from William Sonoma that I love love love.

The red bowl by itself is a "Big Bowl of Self Esteem" from Our Name is can see a bowl that's almost like it here. They also have lots of other really cute dishes (I've had my eye on a set of mugs that say "innocent bystander" and "troublemaker")

I also have adorable chocolate dishes that Erin got me for Christmas (the white plates and bowls)

It seriously makes me happy every time I open this cupboard--I don't think I've ever been this in love with dishes in my whole life! ;)


Kit said...

Aww, that's an awesome cupboard full of cute dishes!

John said...

i'm a fan of the yellow set >_>

Pearson Family said...

Thanks for fulfilling my request! I love them. What a happy cupboard!