Thursday, May 31, 2007

7 things...

I've been tagged to tell you seven random things about myself...and I'm supposed to tag 7 people...

...but I think all the people I know in blogland have already been tagged, so if you're reading this and haven't written seven random things about yourself on your blog and then tagged 7 other people, go for it! ;)

1. I am convinced I'm going to "English Major Hell" because I sold a hardbound Complete Works of Shakespeare back to the college bookstore for a grand total of $8 ;)

2. When I was 13, a sunflower picture I'd taken to the Kansas State Fair was seen by someone from Kansas Banker Magazine. They contacted me and paid me to use it for a cover of one of their issues (my first and only magazine picture/cover so far). My grandma still has that issue of Kansas Banker in her magazine rack!

3. I have seen two black bears while hiking alone, which is scary and exciting and amazing all at the same time (one didn't see me at all and the other seemed as startled/scared as I was and booked it into the woods).

4. Despite my current outdoorsy-ness, I'd actually never spent the night outside or in a tent until after I graduated from high school.

5. I talk to myself, a lot...

6. I haven't touched my film cameras since I got my digital one...I still have a half-used roll of film in one from 3 years ago...I'd rewind it and get it processed but the battery in the camera is now dead (oops)

7. I am very forgetful. I am horrible at remembering names, and it usually takes me two tries to make a grilled cheese sandwich because I forget about the first one and burn it black.

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Pearson Family said...

I loved your post. It's so fun to remember and learn new things. I'm horrible at names too. I ask someone and it's in one ear and out the other. So sorry! And, you be careful with those black bears. Ah! Remember to run, climb a tree, and never never play dead. :)