Thursday, June 28, 2007

I think you should...

I can't say I'm a huge Snape fan, but really, he's got bad hair, he wasn't cool at wizarding school, and they've suspected him all lame would it be if it turns out he is the evil traitor?? But who knows...I've been wrong before ( a few times ;) )

Anyway, I've been busy recently. My flowers are still surviving (minus the impatient, which has gone to that "big flower pot in the sky"). It's been pretty hot and dry here, and they are suffering a little bit because I don't water them everyday (or every other day...). Thank goodness for moisture control potting soil! Without it, I probably wouldn't have any plants at all!

I am still working on the Razor Cami...I've finished the bottom ribbing, and put in a lifeline, so if I screw it up in the lace (quite possible), I won't have to rip up the whole thing again.


Kit said...

I got a sticker from Borders that says "Snape Is A Very Bad Man" for fun. ;)

Abbie said...