Sunday, September 16, 2007

Back from ND

A picture of North Dakota from the air...

I just spent the last week in Fargo, ND getting some software training for work. It was a really good trip for a bunch of reasons, like 1) my parents only live 3 hours from there so they came up and I got to spend last Sunday with them, 2) I'd never been to North Dakota before so it's another state to add to my "States I've Been to" list, and 3) it was a really good training--I have pages and pages and pages of notes AND I feel much more confident about the program (yay! No more feeling like I want to kick my computer down the hall!)

Anyway, it's really good to be back. The weather's cooled off here which is wooooonderfullll...yesterday was beautiful, this morning's been beautiful AND we haven't had to run our air conditioner (hooray!). Yesterday, after I got home we took a quick hike in Selles Park, which is here in Athens and WAY WAY bigger than I ever knew. I'm also really excited because today we're going to the Paw Paw can read all about it here. Pretty much, it's a festival that's all about the Paw Paw's green, it's called "poor man's banana" and grows wild around here...we'll be able to try all sorts of foods that are made with Paw Paws, listen to bands, and be outside enjoying the weather =)


Kit said...

Welcome home! :) And I love that photo.

Pearson Family said...

Any new developments with wedding plans? I'd love to hear all about that!