Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baby tomatoes...

I also have one baby Roma tomato (something has eaten all the others) and tiny banana peppers. My squash plants are flowery but looking pretty pathetic...I'm thinking maybe I should've sprayed them for their mildew issue instead of just leaving it.

Other news...

My wedding dressed is being shipped to me right now! I can't wait to have it and see it!

It's Ohio Brew Week in Athens, so I've been having fun trying a few of the micro-brews that are in the local bars this week. John's been having significantly more fun than me (because he's decided that he needs to try them all ;) ).

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Stina said...

Sorry about your plants. Maybe gardening will be easier when you have a plot instead of pots?

And, have fun with sampling. I'm so sorry your fun is so much less significant than John's. That made me laugh!