Friday, September 05, 2008

Birthday Pictures!

For my 28th birthday, John, Callie and I went to Stroud's Run (lake near here) to have a picnic in the afternoon and let Callie swim in the lake. John made chocolate angel food cake with chocolate buttercream frosting (he had enough batter for a normal size cake and then a little cake made in a mini loaf pan). So we had the mini-cake just him and me at the lake. Callie ran around like a crazy dog and swam and swam and swam.

Me and John (with the outhouse in the background...tried to crop that out ;) )

The wind made it hard for John to light the candles

Callie isn't quite understanding that she should bring her toy back to John after he throws it (and not just leave it floating there). She had so much fun but smelled REALLY bad after being in the lake (she got a bath as soon as we got home).

Then John had to go to work. It was sushi night at the restaurant, so at 6:30, I met some friends there for dinner...John wasn't busy so he got to come say hang out for a bit, and we had sushi and dinner, and then John brought out the cake with 28 candles all was so beautiful and the cake was amazing! (we had our mini-cake at the lake because if he had been busy, he wouldn't have been able to have cake with us).

My dinner (the owner of the restaurant carves carrots for your birthday - how cute is that?!?!)

Here is all of us with the cake (Sonja, Stephanie, Krista, Me, Yvonne, and Nancy)

And another group picture

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Stina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your birthday looked really fun! John is so sweet to make you two cakes! And homemade at that. I'm impressed.