Monday, November 17, 2008

Getting back to normal...

but don't worry, there are still more wedding pictures coming (well, okay...maybe you weren't really worried about that, but I'm still in the stare-at-wedding-pictures-for-hours-on-end stage, so I figured I should make everyone else do the same ;) )

Things are good--I think we've almost got all of the wedding stuff put away, have found places for the gifts, and I am part-way done with name-change junk...did all the paperwork at work, and a new social security card is on its way. This weekend, I'll get the new driver's license (fingers crossed for a better picture this time) and then I'll start calling the bank/utilities/credit cards/etc. etc. (the stuff I've really been putting off)

It's started to get kind of cold here--teeny flurries yesterday and honest-to-goodness snow today (I was psyched--beats gloomy cold rain any day). It's got me humming Christmas carols and thinking about holiday baking--but honestly, I can't believe it's already almost Thanksgiving

that's about it for now...time for a book and some cuddling on the couch with Callie-dog


Stina said...

I am excited to stare at your pictures too! And, that is a lot of craziness to go through with getting married and name changes. I kinda forgot about all that! Good luck and think doing a back flip in yoga to make yourself really smile for that DL pic!!!

Stina said...

PS. The back flip was unintentional!

Abbie said...

lol...sounds like you're about as good as yoga as I am ;)