Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

With enough patience...

maybe all of my tomatoes will start to turn red!

Everything's still pretty green, except for this guy. I was beginning to think there was something wrong (and that I should start looking for recipes for fried green tomatoes) but then a few days ago, this one started looking slightly yellowish...and now I think it's definitely getting a red-ish tone ;)

We've already enjoyed a couple banana just by itself and another with pepperoni on a pizza (which I recommend). You can see them (and Callie) right here...

The strawberries have also come back and we've gotten a handful of them...definitely need more plants than just two in the future.

On a non-gardening note, wedding planning is going well...getting down to the last few things...

I've got an appointment with the seamstress tomorrow (fingers crossed that alterations cost less than I've budgeted--it'd be like finding free money). I know where we're getting the flowers, just need to finalize that. John's going to work out the menu with his boss, and I think me and the moms (mine and John's) are going shopping for their dresses next weekend (because my mom is coming to visit! YAY!)

Nothing new in knitting-land though...I've been making the same washcloth for about a month. Next are the socks I'm making John for his birthday, I was thinking about the "Manly Socks" in either Baby Ull or Trekking Tweed (probably Baby Ull...I've seen the Trekking Tweed I like, but have yet to find any for sale)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Happy Birthday John!

For John's birthday, we went to Zoe for dinner with his parents and his brother, Jimmie. Zoe is an awesome restaurant that's located in an old company house in the Eclipse Mining Town (in The Plains, which is very close to Athens). It's actually right off of the bike path, but since we were dressing up, riding our bikes wasn't really an option (although I'd love to ride out there to awesome would that be?). The food was incredible and everyone had a great time.

Then we came back to the house, where we all played Wii, opened presents, and ate cake. In the picture above, you can see John sitting next to the cake, but what you can't see is that he's sitting in a rickety old chair that's mostly broken...a few moments after he blew out the candles, it broke for real and he landed on his butt on the ground. It was pretty funny (luckily he wasn't hurt).