Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Something new

I'm all excited because I just joined our local Toastmasters club. I've been thinking and thinking and thinking about it. Then today, I finally went to one of their meetings.

And LOVED it!

Sitting there, I realized just how much I miss being in 4-H, and Toastmasters is like 4-H for adults minus the county fair, the livestock, and every project except public speaking and leadership.

I'm psyched about getting to do public speaking again and improving my skills, getting to know a whole new group of people, AND having a reason to leave the office every Tuesday at noon. My office has absolutely no windows and the hallway at work has no windows--it's good to have reason to go outside.

Last month, I also signed up to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. I think they're having a volunteer meeting this month and start building next month. I'm really excited about that, too.

I've just been in a rut recently...crazy bored. My Dad likes to say, "Only boring people get bored"--so I've been bored AND boring (and somewhat annoying to John, I'm sure).

I read somewhere that "to change everything, change one thing," which sounded do-able (even when you're boring-bored). So, I have....

Signed up to volunteer with Habitat and joined Toastmasters
Started doing "back care" exercises to take care of annoying, random back pain
Started eating more fruits and veggies (have even reached 5 servings a few times)

and I'm not feeling as bored, so I think things are starting to change (except me being somewhat annoying to John, I'm afraid he's stuck with that ;) )

It's also getting warmer and greener here--thank goodness for Spring!

(oh, and I just got a call from John--I'm off to buy 4 avocados and get free sushi in return -YAY!)


Andrea Stern said...

I was considering joining our Toastmasters, good to know there'll be a familiar face if/when I/we do :)

Abbie said...

I hope you do! It'd be fun to see you there!