Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Bibs are the answer how I'm going to make gifts for all these kids that keep coming into the world. I like to make toddler socks, but I really can't keep up.

Easy Peasy Baby Bib Pattern:

(Made with Bernat Cottontots in Lime Berry)

Cute, huh?

Garden update: We're afraid we may be losing our squash to powdery mildew--alternating between spray and miracle grow to see if we can get them to pull through. The tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries are all doing fine. John's Brandywine tomatoes are just now starting to flower/bud. We had one ripe strawberry, but I waited too long to pick it. Something else ate it before I could.

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Stina said...

So so cute! And, sorry about your single strawberry! What a naughty (and lucky) little critter out there!