Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday morning

It's been a lazy morning so far, drinking tea and window-shopping on Etsy (loving this and this) , taking pictures of the dog and the windows.

Yesterday, we (John, Mom, and me) painted trim for the doors and windows, and we hung some stuff up on the walls--so we're that much closer to a finished house!

I've also been taking pictures of the Game Jam at DSU (my favorite pic so far)--a 48 hour global game design contest. My dad (who's a professor there) has been there almost all weekend with his students, and I've been stopping by to take pictures and help them eat some of their junk food. John's going to help judge the games this afternoon.

And tonight, I'll be watching Emma on PBS with Mom and Erin. <3


Sonja said...

Hi Abbie

Any chance you could take a picture of the scarf (preferable with you modeling it ) ;)

I missed to see it when it was all ready to be sent.

Abbie said...

Will do. I'll get John to take a few pictures of me with it! =)