Sunday, March 21, 2010


Last week, I attended the National Camping Institute. It was held at the Oregon 4-H Center outside Salem. There were tons of people there, including the four other South Dakota 4-H educators(and here we all are by the canoe pond). It was an incredible conference with so many great camping-type people (which, of course, meant lots of spontaneous singing).

Oregon was green, sunny, and the trees were blooming. I pretty much wanted to bundle it all up and bring it home with me. We spent a lot of free time just sitting in the sun.

My first look at the Oregon Coast (at Neskowin) during our tour of the Three Capes Loop. I loved the coast and watching the waves roll in. I probably could've spent the whole day just sitting there.

More Neskowin

The coast at Cape Meares

More Cape Meares

The coast at Pacific City (where we stopped at the Pelican Pub)

I had some time before my flight home, so I took the train into Portland and went to the Saturday Market. Shannon from Arkansas joined me, and we saw tons of awesome photography, jewelry, sculptures, paintings, and gifts. I restrained myself and only bought one necklace (but I'm going to check out the websites of a few of the artists I saw there). It was 65 degrees and sunny--the prettiest day they've had yet (I asked) and the place was packed with people and dogs and kids.

(Food I can't get in South Dakota)

I enjoyed my chicken satay and curry while soaking up with sun and listening to a band. Way better than sitting in the boring airport ;)


Stina said...

The beach and food both look amazing. And I love how you mentioned the spontaneous singing--that so describes campers. :) Reminds me of hikes with my dad.

Abbie said...

It was a really fun group. Campers are the best ;)