Saturday, June 05, 2010


Our garden is about 3/4 in--tomatoes, peppers (from starters), onions, beets, carrots and green beans (from seeds) are all in the ground. It's taking awhile because the grass for the entire plot had to be dug up--we still have about 4 feet to go and then the rest of the plants will be in. John's been doing all the shovel work--and then we sit together and knock most of the top soil from the dug-up grass. It's exactly as exciting as it sounds, but it is nice to spend time together working outside. I'm really glad we won't have to do this again next year, and John's looking forward to when the garden just needs to be watered and weeded.

So far, the onions are growing like crazy, and we're going to have to thin out the beets. We're still watching for the carrots and green beans to sprout. The peppers were the first in--and they looked a little sickly in the beginning but they're starting to shape up. Tomatoes went in on Memorial Day. I'm hoping John's Brandywine sprouts will take off, but right now they all look about the same.


Stina said...

That's one thing I think I may never have--a garden. My husband is anti. And, we really don't seem to have a place for one. I'm bummed. Your garden sounds wonderful. Thinking of making homemade salsa?

Abbie said...

Mmm...that would be delicious! Good idea!

What about doing some containers? They are much easier, don't require husband help ;) and don't take a lot of space. You can even grow veggies in them (I've had success with cherry tomatoes and banana peppers)

Jin said...

Abbie~your garden sounds soooo wonderful!!! I just wish I could have my own garden someday!!

Abbie said...

Thanks Jin! I hope it'll grow quickly--I'm impatient for some home-grown veggies!

You should try a garden sometime, even if it's just plants in containers...I really enjoy it (and am just so darn proud when something actually grows! ;) )