Thursday, August 05, 2010

Garden - end of July

Still waiting on tomatoes

My second ever harvested squash

The first two banana peppers of the summer

We're starting to have more veggies than we know what to do with - cucumbers and green beans coming out of our ears, beets and squash waiting to be cooked...John's already canned one set of pickles, some pickled beets, and made refrigerator pickles (with green beans, carrots, and one or two cayenne peppers - which he accidentally gave my dad thinking it was a green bean - oops!)


Sonja said...

You are still trying to convince us that you get summer that far up North. Ha ha ha

p.s. I lived in Manitoba before ;)

Abbie said...

hehe our summer is awesome and (usually) not too humid - some days it reminds me of Ohio (but luckily that kind of weather doesn't last ;) )

Abbie said...

Actually it's been awful humid here the past three days (that's what I get for bragging - ugh!)