Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Garden 2011

Baby parsley

Our in-ground garden

More herbs in containers

This year, we're growing: bradywine, roma, yellow pear, and grape tomatoes; green peppers, banana peppers, chili peppers, habenero peppers, and jalapenos; spinach, lettuce, beets, green beans, carrots, radishes, italian squash, and sugar snap peas; rosemary, dill, sage, mint, parsley, basil, tarragon, and cilantro.



Stina said...

I am so excited cause I've planted my very first garden! Have you heard of the book square foot gardening? It's like gardening for dummies and I'm giving it a go. Can't wait to see what comes up!

Abbie said...

I have heard of square foot gardening (and I'm pretty sure that's how my mom got started gardening). You'll have to post pictures of your garden! I think it's so exciting to see everything grow and then eating food that we grew ourselves? Still kind of boggles my mind! ;)