Sunday, August 31, 2014

Catching up - Italy trip

This trip happened over a year ago (last June), but I feel like I can't make new posts until I post about here goes...

Day one:

Brenna met me at the airport in Rome. We took a train and a tram back to her apartment (went past the Colosseum on the way), and then we were off.

One of the pretty buildings along the way

We had lunch at the Enteco Provincia Romana - an awesome restaurant across from Trajan's column. 
 I had pasta with fava beans and pig cheek (a delicious welcome to Rome!)

Here's a detail shot of Trajan's Column. We also saw the Vittorio Emmanuel II Monument, walked by the Imperial Forum, and then went to the Pantheon. 

Here's my *fancy* bathroom selfie from a bar near the Pantheon.

I was *this* close to a Michelangelo (at Santa Maria sopra Minerva) and a few Caravaggio's and a Bernini.

Next, we went to the Piazza Navona to see the Four Rivers Fountain

I also had my first real gelato (lemon + nutella + hazelnut) and for dinner we had Indian food. To get to the Indian restaurant, we walked through one of the city parks (Roman Capitale (?) is what I have written down...Google isn't helping me much with the correct spelling/name so I may just have to leave it at that).

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