Friday, April 01, 2005


Is there anything more exciting than finding a new swimsuit in ONE TRY that only cost $17??

Okay, maybe there is...but it's still pretty darn exciting. Last summer, I looked and looked and looked and looked for a swimsuit...and let me tell you, that's not so good for the ego...and here I am in TJMaxx on april 1st with the insane desire to try on swimsuits (maybe I'd like to pretend that its swimsuit weather in Wyoming instead of coat weather) and I try on one and it's perfect!! YAY!

I also got a new jean skirt...pretty cute...maybe warm enough to wear it tomorrow (either way I'm about to the point where I PRETEND it's warm enough to wear my spring/summer clothes and then shiver all day long) and fabric to make my very first purse (from the Jordy Bag tutorial on My Mom's going to help me so hopefully it'll look purse-like when I'm finished. =) I'll post some pictures when I get back to Wyoming.

Other news...well, Dad and I have been climbing a few times here at the community center and thankfully, I haven't totally forgotten how to climb. My Mom swears I still look like I know what I'm doing so thats always a good sign AND my Dad got his first pair of climbing shoes today! We're going to the wall tomorrow afternoon, and I'm so excited for him to see what a difference they make! =)

AND my Mom is doing an Ethinic Foods Demonstration tomorrow morning...Chicken Enchiladas and Chalupa (yum!!!) so that's what the whole house smells like right now. Luckily is doesn't have to be your OWN ethnic food...or else we'd be eating...ummm....potatoes? porridge? (squinching up my nose) Actually some German food would be good, but my Mom really rocks when it comes to I'm sure she'll do awesome tomorrow (and we get to eat the leftovers!)


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