Friday, April 15, 2005


I started riding my bike again...and it's been pretty nice. I haven't been getting all dude-d up in my bike clothes, just rolling up my pant legs and riding around town and seeing whats going on. Someone was watering their lawn yesterday using what me and my sisters would call a "Monkey Sprinkler." One of the ones where the two holes for water look like eyes, the nozzle for the hose is the neck, the bumps on top are monkey ears. It instantly reminded me of running through the sprinkler when we were little, swimsuits, beach towels, little lawn chairs, once I even remember bringing out a drink (I'm guessing it was orange juice) a little beach holiday in our backyard in Kansas.

I keep telling myself that I'll be able to deal with the humidity in Kentucky...I mean, I grew up with it right?? I can't fault Wyoming about that one...the summer was gorgeous here...but summer's supposed to be HOT and HUMID, going swimming, ice cream melting all over your hand, tank tops and shorts because you don't want to wear any more clothes than you have too, barbeques, going to the lake (the beach!)...why am I looking forward to humidity? Well, my first guess is that I've spent too much time alone and totally lost it ;) Second doesn't feel like home without it...who knows but you'll be able to look back on this post when I'm complaining about how sticky it is in Kentucky and laugh at me. It's ok...I'll be laughing too

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