Wednesday, April 26, 2006

slacker slacker slacker

Okay, it's been a little while...and I don't have much to write about because not a whole heck of a lot has been going on. I do have to get some prints and frames together because there's a local festival this weekend, and I can exhibit/sell my work in the Arts Council booth for free. So tonight will involve a trip to Target (I LOVE Target) where I'll print my pictures at one of those digital kiosk things and then buy frames that already have mats in them--it's all very complicated ;) I'm really excited about having my photography in the booth, and I figure even if it doesn't sell, at least everyone will know what a bad-ass photographer I am ;)

I've also started walking/jogging (I'd like to call it running, but there's actually no running involved). It's a training thing from Runners World that I've tried a few times in the past--good for starting out and getting exercise without totally wishing you were dead. If you're interested, you can find it right here,5033,s6-51-184-0-2201-3-2X3X6-4,00.html
I think I may really stick with it this time...I've actually been looking forward to exercising (gasp!) which is a new thing for me, and the benefits (stress relief, being in a better mood, not feeling like a lazy lump, and actually getting stronger) are amazing. But there's nothing wrong with a little accountability, so I'm on week 2 (jog a minute, walk a minute) and I've only walk/jogged once this I need to go two more times by Sunday

What else...well I had a huge spring cleaning/get rid of stuff fest and I finally got rid of all the bedding stuff that I didn't like (ugly comforter and too small sheets) the goal for May will be to find a new quilt/coverlet thing (right now I've got a twin size quilt on my queen sized bed--more than big enough for me but it looks a little funny. I'm going to look at Target tonight and maybe sneak over to Linens and Things too...I'm thinking, maybe? then then I could get some fun sheets (hmm....Target has fun sheets)...

Maybe going to Target isn't such a good idea when pay day is still two days away... ;)

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