Thursday, August 10, 2006

Let's just pretend...

that I get tagged for things ;) I saw this on Kirsten's blog and I feel like writing about books, so here ya go. I'm a BIG book person, and I picked my college major (English-and just English, not English Ed or anything that actually translates to a job) because I wanted all my homework to be reading (with some pesky writing every now and then). Then during all that English coursework, I actually developed a perverse love of editing and proofreading (not always evident in my typo-laden posts), but that is another post entirely...

Books that changed my life
Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury
Desert Solitaire - Edward Abbey
Illusions - Richard Bach
Lord of the Rings (I LOVED it, and finally reading it prevented me from being a total outcast in my family)

Books that I read more than once

Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis
Far Appalachia: Following the New River North - Noah Adams
From Beginning to End, The Rituals of Our Lives - Robert Fulghum
Many more...

Books that I would want in a desert island:
Honestly, on a desert island, I'd rather have a HUGE supply of magazines (Cosmo, Glamour, Health, etc.)

One book that made me laugh:

Tim Cahill's travel books make me laugh out loud no matter where I am (I think I've frightened people in airports before)

One book that made me cry:

I tear up reading "From Beginning to End" by Robert Fulghum

One book I wish I had written:
The Harry Potter Books

One book I wish had never been written:
White Noise by DeLillo

One book I am currently reading:
Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone (again)

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Kit Is Knitting said...

Oh noes, you're not allowed to do this, I didn't tag you! *tease*

I read Lord of the Rings, bound and determined to read it before I saw the movies and I loved it even more than the movies. It's wonderful.